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Anonymous 3 years ago
Somebody tell this chick to shut up. Annoying as hell
Gawd Damnn 3 years ago
If a man eats your pussy like this he the devil
3 years ago
She talk to damn much,
Bbc lover 3 years ago
Wish someone ate my pussy like that, then maybe I wouldn’t have so many failed relationships.
Haha what? 3 years ago
I want my pussy to be the shape of your big black dick wtf
Going down face first 3 years ago
And bringing her to a full orgasm before inserting, will get a woman to pass out from her climax if a guy has any staying power! Non oral women will suck when they are overwhelmed from several strong orgasms close together. Just pull out , reposition and tell her to open her mouth. Works on Sunday School Teachers it will work for you if you get that tongue working right!
3 years ago
Where is he who is he good god
3 years ago
This is true. Every girl I have ever been with has cheated on me with black guys
Yummybunz99 3 years ago
The way he kept eating her pussy reminded me of a stripper male i fucked who wouldnt stop eating mines
The devil 3 years ago
That devil man will eat your pussy that way and turn you into his slave