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Cynical :3 3 years ago
Double AIDS :D
3 years ago
she was cute when younger. but now she looks horrible.....
Master T 3 years ago
Stupid cunt.
3 years ago
What?! Just fuck an open wound why don't you... Stupid fucking idiot.... Aaaaaaaaaaand infection....
3 years ago
Poor Alex he just wanted done his work :/
El505 2 years ago
So much for the 'sterility' of the tattoo chair !! Fuckin' pussy juice, ass sweat, and cum be all over the place !!! - Good fucking-bad business practice !!!
1 year ago
Bruh 1 year ago
2 years ago
Espero que mi novia no haya pasado por todo ese proceso para su tatuaje de su panocha :)
Nopenopenope 3 years ago